Monday, June 11, 2012

Tax break for proving to be healthy...

So i've noticed a trend in the way I blog- it's not exactly every day.  But when i do get so motivated to put finger to keyboard, something comes out and seems to be that time again.

Here's a crazy thought- Why not give a tax break to people who can prove that they went to see their primary care provider for an annual check-up?  Say $1,000 (or whatever magic number it should be to motivate people to do it) back on your taxes if you prove that you went to see your primary care physician who also used a certified electronic health record to document your visit?

And how about another $1,000 if you also went to see your dentist and got your teeth cleaned?

Now my idea may have been discussed in some think tank, television show full of pundits or enlightened circles that I have yet to hear about, but that doesn't matter.  Prevention is key.  And like it or not, the health care system in America is changing and to some degree, it will be based on outcomes.  Show me that your disease is being managed.  Show me that your cholesterol is in control.  Show me that you don't have any more cavities.  Show me that you lost 15 pounds in 2 months.  Show me, show me, show me.  Well shit.  Show me the money!

It's expensive to shop healthy, eat organic, and drive by an entire meal that can be handed in a bag in under 3 minutes for $2.99.  Why don't we reward the people who are not being a burden on the health care system?  What i've heard very little about is what steps will be taken to encourage the behavior of people to want to eat right; to exercise regularly and to not abuse substances- and face it, therein lies probably one of the biggest problems with managing health.  The desire to want to change.