Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Chubby Soda" REALLY?

So today I strolled into the local grocery store and found on the shelves an 8.4 ounce of soda.  Being the curious person that I was at the time, I decided to check the calorie content.  Guess what it was.  130 Calories.  THAT'S INSANE.  What I found just as interesting was that on the front of the label was a very happy portly kid with the title "CHUBBY" over his head.  Oh, and the flavor of the drink?  Does it matter?  Cotton Candy.  I later read a review about the drink which also questioned the packaging, but the reviewer later shared it with their child who was under the age of 5 and they enjoyed it.  Is this the right message to give our youth?  I'm not a dietitian or a marketing expert, but think that we have a responsibility to make better choices for our youth.